Proud to be the co-authors of CIRIA C735
Proud to be the co-authors of CIRIA C735

Monitoring the installation of gas and waterproof barriers on site is critical to achieving the required quality and function of the specified components as failures in the liners can be catastrophic.


On many sites the gas protection measures or waterproofing is either not inspected and tested or is overseen by non experts such as membrane manufacturers who often have relatively little on site practical experience. The future safety of building occupants, watercourses or clients investments has made the independent testing and verification of these installation an important and valuable role where a high quality install is imperative.


MEC Environmental provides Validation Plans at design stage to ensure that all the relevant parties fully understand their responsibilities along with why, how and when inspections and testing will take place. Validation Plans are produced prior to work starting on site.


Once on site MEC Environmental's highly experienced inspectors manage the validation process and carry out any required inspections and testing, the nature and frequency of any testing and inspection are tailored to the particular requirements of the project and level of risk.


On completion of the installation a Validation report is produced for submission to the local authority containing, site inspection and testing survey forms, photographs and other relevant documentation.


Integrity Testing

We can offer all recognised forms of integrity testing to liners for Gas Membranes, Suds Tanks Liners, Waterproof Membranes, Containment Membranes and Pond Liners

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